Proven Leadership. Hard Work. Conservative Reform

I’m Running To Change Government
April 29, 2010
The Herald | Former solicitor Tommy Pope to challenge Herb Kirsh for SC House
April 29, 2010
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Proven Leadership. Hard Work. Conservative Reform

When I left the Solicitor’s Office, I thought I was done with public service. But after watching politicians drive our state and our nation into the ground, I know that proven and energetic conservatives must take a stand. I’m running for State House because we need a reformer who is willing to do the hard work it takes to change government, rebuild our economy and create jobs.


As Solicitor, I proved that I can get the biggest bang for your buck. I used your tax dollars efficiently, cut costs and put more criminals behind bars where they belong. I want to push those same reforms in Columbia because I truly believe the politicians are wasting our hard earned tax dollars instead of using them to create an environment for economic prosperity.


We aren’t going to create jobs with political fighting, more corruption or the pure laziness that engulfs Columbia. We have to build teams at all levels of government and push reforms that will let our small businesses and industries grow.


Too many politicians are pushing big government policies, wasting our tax dollars and contributing to the sharp decline of our state’s economy. While the entire nation has been hit by this economic decline, South Carolina has been hit especially hard due to wasteful spending in Columbia. I’ll push conservative reforms that restructure our state’s antiquated government structure, caps state spending, creates spending transparency and invests our tax dollars wisely where they make our state more competitive.