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February 17, 2018

State House Report #6

Public Service Commission Reform & Funding for Opioid Misuse Treatment & Students with Exceptional Needs On Thursday, the House passed legislation to reform the Public Service […]
February 9, 2018

State House Report #5

Electric Cooperatives, Judges, and Telephone Scammers The bipartisan House Utility Ratepayer Protection Committee met again this week to further discuss the future of electric cooperative ratepayers […]
February 2, 2018

State House Report #4

Repealing the Base Load Review Act This week on the House floor, and after much debate, the House passed a repeal of the controversial Base Load […]

Getting Political with Jonah Steppe (NHS)


Meet Tommy

His father was a sheriff, his mother was a school teacher and Tommy Pope was destined to continue their careers in public service. After graduating from Rock Hill High School, Tommy pursued a degree in Business Management at the University of South Carolina. As a freshman, Tommy began working at the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) as a “phone boy” — literally, the boy who answered the phones. Throughout his undergraduate years, in addition to his phone boy duties, Tommy ran the blood hounds, cut down marijuana fields and apprehended criminals. By the time he graduated from Carolina in 1984, he had “blue lights in his blood" and soon became a full time agent at SLED.

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Great morning w/ 3rd graders at Oakridge Elementary. Time ran out on bill to make Noah & Jackson co-principals. 🤓 #popeteam #popeforhouse47

Every day that passes w/out action or the implementation of an interim rate costs ratepayers 1.2 million per DAY. SC deserves better. Ratepayers deserve better. #ProtectRatePayers #DebateChickensLater

The SC Senate is holding ratepayers hostage by denying them their very own hard earned money to the tune of nearly $1,300,000.00 every day. #EnoughIsEnough #unacceptable

SC tax reform plan would increase cost of groceries, but cut sales taxes

York County officers who limped, were wheeled to free throw line scored with the crowd

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